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How can you make your coffee capsules so cheap?

At Jomadcoffee, we’re often asked by our customers, how we can provide them with such high-quality coffee capsules at such a great price?

Well the answer is a simple one.

Firstly, we don’t spend millions of pounds on TV advertising like some of the big-name brands do, and so because of that we can pass all the cost savings onto you – our happy customers.

We also don’t have any expensive stores and as we’re a digital business, our overheads are small and so again we can pass on the cost savings to you.

And lastly, we source our fine coffee capsules directly from a supplier I’ve worked with for many years. So, I’m able to negotiate the best prices – and again pass the savings onto you.

So, in a nutshell, that’s how I can provide you with the best tasting coffee capsules at up to 51% less than the big names – and with free UK shipping on orders above £25.

Order your Nespresso capsules: Here - Order your Dolce Gusto capsules: Here

Cheap pods but great coffee     

I personally prefer to refer to our coffee capsules as great value for money, rather than cheap, but hey, as long as you’re enjoying your coffee – that’s fine with me. As we like to say at Jomadcoffee, ‘our coffee, your cup’.

Because our coffee capsules are inexpensive, doesn’t mean that we’ve scrimped on quality. Quite the opposite. I’m passionate about the taste of my coffee, and so I only allow the finest Arabica beans to make their way into my capsules. To get a bit technical, (I did say I was passionate about my coffee), our grade of beans are ‘Bugisu AA graded’ – or more commonly known as ‘mountain coffee’ or ‘arabica coffee’. That’s just very fine coffee.

Our coffee capsules are also hermetically sealed and the capsules themselves are made from recyclable plastic, so retaining the full flavour of the coffee, which is only released when our capsules are in your coffee machine.

If you’re interested, we can also provide you with a great value coffee machine, compatible with both Nespresso or Dolce Gusto capsules.

Great priced coffee, but responsibly sourced

We also ensure that our fine coffee comes from farmers who share our love and are also paid properly for their hard work and dedication.

We only work alongside farmers who hold the ‘Ecocert’, which is recognised as the worldwide standard for organic certification and their services include organic agriculture, inspection in organic cosmetics, green spaces, UTZ, Fair Trade and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Our Ecocert, certified organic coffee comes from small, independent farmers in Uganda and Honduras – two countries synonymous with great coffee.  

So, fellow coffee lovers, that’s a short explanation of how we get our great value coffee capsules to you.  I’d like to think you were enjoying a Jomad coffee while reading this, (I was when I wrote it), but if not, you could be enjoying a different coffee experience in just a few days.

Our coffee to your cup.