Our Coffee


Our beans are a very important part of our business. Whilst sourcing for the best beans around the world we found that Arabica beans will offer you highest quality test and flavour. 

Our grade of beans is also known as "Bugisu AA graded bean". This bean comes from the species of COFFEA, which is recognised or known as the “mountain coffee” or “arabica coffee”. 

So, we are very pleased to have found an association where a range of farmers are willing to work to the same high standards that we strive to deliver daily. These farmers have only one thing in common and that is to work to the high standards set out by the UTZ/Rain Forest Alliance.

These small farms are committed to produce superior quality washed Arabica coffees.

Ecocert is positioned as the worldwide standard for organic certifications, their services also include organic agriculture, inspection in organic cosmetics, green spaces, UTZ, Fair Trade and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Our certified organic coffees:

  • Uganda Bugisu Organic
  • Honduras Organic SHG/EP


We hope that “Our coffee will be your cup”