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Why you should try our EPIC bundle offer.

1. EPIC COFFEE ESPRESSO- 100% Arabica. The sweetness of the caramel and honey notes make this blend ideal for an exceptional espresso, beautifully balanced by its contrasting aromas of toasted almonds

2. EPIC COFFEE RISTRETTO-  Featuring the best Arabica (90%) and Robusta (10%) from Africa and South America. Intense and full-bodied. The touch of Robusta and the dark roast provide an excellent spicy finish.

3. EPIC COFFEE LUNGO-  Aromatic 100% Arabica from South and North America. Dense and full-bodied. The light sweet tones make this mid-roast Lungo especially smooth.

4. EPIC COFFEE DECAF- 100% Arabica. For the decaf lover who does not want to compromise on the richness of their coffee. This decaffeinated blend is a complex medium roast with grainy tones.